Kare Strong and Josh Goforth


  • Rivers of Love 2017
  • Beneath The Cherry Tree 2019

“Why I love America: there are still folks out there making simple, loving music in the treasured old styles from plainer times. Among them I find Kare Strong, whose ear for timeless melody is flawless. She has produced (with the considerable help of the wonderful Josh Goforth) this delicious album of songs for the family. It’s like making a new best friend.” 

Tom PaxtonGrammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

About Rivers of Love

Singer-songwriter Kare Strong & Grammy-Nominated multi instrumentalist Josh Goforth, join forces to create sweet and fun songs for the whole family. Both poetic and lyrical, the songs are about friendship, generosity, goodwill, innocence and most of all love.  Josh plays guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, piano, sings harmony vocals and makes the animal voices that occur in two songs for the youngest members of the family. All songs are written and sung by Kare Strong. Produced by Josh Goforth. CD cover art by Sally Simmons. “Rivers of Love” is for the young and the young at heart. We hope you enjoy it very much!

About Beneath the Cherry Tree

Fourteen imaginative, poetic and  lyrical songs for the whole family. You’ll be transported to lands where trees, flowers, animals and faeries talk, and the unexpected is the most real thing of all. With a Celtic-folk feel, these songs tell stories of sweet friendships, acts of kindness, the wonders of nature, and everywhere you turn, you’ll find love.

All songs are written and sung by Kare Strong. Produced by Josh Goforth. CD cover and back art are oil paintings by Kare Strong.

Awards won by Rivers of Love album